InfiniteVault acts as a secure vault to store all your critical enterprise documents. Its key feature is flexibility – allowing you to choose between on-premise, cloud or hybrid storage models for sharing files enterprise-wide.

InfiniteVault appliances come in a variety of sizes to suit your data storage needs. Dedicated to each enterprise, the appliance integrates seamlessly with the enterprise environment to provide complete access to the IT administrator.

Why InfiniteVault?

Data confidentiality is at risk due to the increased usage of public cloud storage services via smart mobile devices by an enterprises’ workforce. Managing the access and use of this critical data is a complex task for IT administrators. Enterprises need a secure and controlled way to enable a mobile workforce to access critical data, provide a backup and facilitate easy sharing of information

Share bulky documents without loading email servers or creating duplicate files!

InfiniteVault Features

Advantage InfiniteVault

InfiniteVault is more than just cloud storage. Here’s why:
Feature Public Cloud EFSS InfiniteVaults
Standard EFSS features:
- Conveniently sync and share files from multiple devices
- AES-256 encryption in transit and rest
- Administration and policy based sharing
- Share files internally and externally
Simple client deployment using AD group policies
Select specific folders to backup
Specify files to be available in cloud only
Password-protect shared links
Hosted on dedicated appliance for each Enterprise
OPEX model for hosted or on-premise deployment
24X7 monitoring of on premise installation
Enterprise support included in price
Compression and De-duplication at server

About Us

Infinite Vault is an enterprise file share and sync solution from NxtGen Datacenter & Cloud Technologies. It provides flexibility to the organization by helping you enable your mobile workforce to securely access and share enterprise data across multiple devices

NxtGen is an emerging leader in data center and cloud-based services that help powering businesses to grow by cutting through complexity and saving on cost.

Our high end advanced solutions can be provided both from our own high density data center (HDDC™) facilities or deployed at On-premise data centers (OPDC™) that are managed centrally.

Our Enterprise Cloud Services™ (ECS) provide private and public clouds or hybrid cloud infrastructure hosted on OPDC™ or HDDC™. NxtGen’s advanced infrastructure enable companies to simplify IT infrastructure, reduce running costs, and enable business growth by creating additional capacity from existing infrastructure. By providing the right public or private infrastructure, NxtGen helps companies meet dynamic business demands.